The labour market has become every more competitive. It is no news that having only a higher education level is not the fundamental element that certifies the professional succes anymore. The development of personal abilities has been recognized as an essential thing on the way to succes in the corporate environment.

Nowadays, executives have been pressured to find ways to establish values inside their organizations and deliver effective results for the strategies they formulate. Such needs are met through Projects and Programs created to produce benefits and, at the same time, optimize ever-scarce organizational resources. It is estimated that the most successful companies own more than 50% of their professionals in activities conducted in the form of projects in programs.

Through the programs destinated to the study of management, professionals will develop skills related to the creation of values and to organizational transformation. On this journey, case studies, experiential learning, simulations and presentations are used to produce organizational impact from the formulation of strategies to their implementation. All this work is based on a transformative leadership and high performance teams.

This way, activities are elaborated to reach a group of predefined objectives, considering a certain period, through the mobilization of technical and human resources. The chances of failure are minimized and the success of the project will be a consequence of dedication and awareness.

Meet our courses:

Project Management: Basic Training

Duration: 16 hours.

Mode: Presential

Location: Downtown, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Project management: How to develop a Project plan?

Duration: 40 hours

Mode: Presential

Location: Downtown, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

MBA in company

A company is made of relationships and partnerships. Based on this concept, IDGP has build a large network of partners that makes the development of extension and postgraduate courses possible in prestigious universities in Brazil and in the World.

Our competence and credibility have been conquered through a serious and distinctive work that only an organization born to overcome could provide.

A diferente way of thinking that considers the optimization and competitive advantage. This is what we want for you and your company.


The focus of our services is to look for solutions that are able to turn ideas into results. We believe that, to achieve the ultimate goal, it is essencial to transform people involved in the organization. The instrument for this is the comprehension of the strategy.

It is important that the effective planning isn`t noticed as a plan without action. However, it must be seen as an essential competence of the organization whose changes and flexibility are tools for the source of competitive advantage.

The innovation and competition make the development of Project Management culture a critical success factor for the company’s longevity. The development of management skills and projects is the key to make every professional aware of its importance to the outcome.

We use the experience of the market with the intention to highlight opportunities of gains previously untapped by our customers. Then, we develop their potentials, so they can reap the rewards of success.


Our objective is to help people on their journey to reach the results they expect. For this, mind and heart must be involved by the sense of purpose.

It is necessary to understand that our everyday is build through the balance between three competences: sense of ownership, resilience and empathy.

This is the focus: engaging the workforce and partners in order to make them responsible for their individual success and, consequently, for the organizational success.

Our main themes:

– Project management

– Leadership

– High performance team

– Communication

We understand that, together, we are stronger and greater than the adversities and that the result and success are fruits of team work.


The IDGP is a company dedicated to developing the human and organizational potential through the improvement and teaching of management in its broadest aspects.

The development of a career in management is a definite step in the professional life of a person and, considering the high number of possible roads to take, choosing how to develop your career is a task that needs care and attention.

The development of an effective management minimizes the risks of failure during the life cycle of the Project, meanwhile, it contributes to favorable events of succes.

In order to develop its career plan in the area of ​​Project Management, IDGP developed PM Coaching.

With experienced and certified professionals, we have the ability to help you to find the possible ways for you and/or your organization to reache your potential.

Through a successful methodology, personal and professional competences are stimulated and exalted aiming to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, exploring their ultimate creativity, intellectual and emotional potential.

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